Month: January 2018


It’s the new year, and I’m hearing familiar advice being offered. Exercise, eat healthy, write down goals, and meditate. Another, albeit less familiar tip, is related to journalling. I have definitely heard something about the benefits of journalling before, but haven’t ever really paid much attention because it sounds ambiguous and like too much effort.

But the other day, it was mentioned on a podcast I was listening to and the presenter mentioned it could be done electronically, and not necessarily with pen and paper. And I had the delayed realisation that that’s what I’ve been doing on here over the years. Not only that, but now that I’m a provisional psychologist, I’ve also technically been journalling every day while completing my uni placements, although that’s called a ‘logbook’ and requires critical reflection as well as receiving feedback from supervisors.

So that inspired me to put pen to paper, or fingers to mechanical keyboard, once again.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed putting my thoughts down in writing  just to capture my thoughts and to try to gain clarity. The whole logbooking process during Masters is also incredibly beneficial. Some students hate doing it and put it off, but I absolutely love it. I realise now that it’s probably because I’ve always enjoyed writing my thoughts on here. It’s such a pleasure to write down my immediate thoughts and feelings and then to return to them later to find connections and deeper meaning with other things going on in life.

After a quick review of some studies on journalling, it also seems that journalling about thoughts and feelings after stressful events have been found to be more beneficial than writing just about feelings i.e. it led to greater awareness of the benefits of the stressful situation. And also, journalling is associated with increased self-efficacy (which is a good predictor of task completion, performance, and self-esteem).

So, overall, lots of benefits! As usual, I probably won’t write on here as much as I’d like to but I’ll definitely try to make an effort to check in.

If you’re reading this blog, Happy New Year and happy journalling! 🙂