The Best Laid Plans…

What a week it’s been! I started it full of confidence and optimism, ready to smash out another 6 workouts. But of course, plans don’t always work out.  A comment on my last post by Matters of Living should have prepared me for this, they were pondering how much can you actually plan and how much will you be able to follow through on.  A week later, I think the best thing to do is to incorporate flexibility into your plans to expect the unexpected. Because on Monday, I injured my elbow.

Dr Google thinks it might be elbow bursitis but I need to see a physio (I think this is a result of compensating for another injury in my shoulder). It happened just as I started my planned workout; first, my elbow was aching so I stretched it, then I heard a very unpleasant noise (grind/squelch), followed by pain.

I probably should be resting completely now, but I’ve managed to find a way to persevere.  Arm strapped up in a sling, doing one-armed HIIT workouts. I look ridiculous. But I’m hoping the physio gives me the go ahead to keep doing it this way because with uni stress piling up this is definitely not the time to stop exercising.  In the meantime, no more weights/pump classes for me.


Date Planned Exercise Actual Exercise
Wed 17/05/2017 Fire 45 EZ Fire 45 EZ
Thu 18/05/2017 HIIT 15 HIIT 15
Fri 19/05/2017 REST REST
Sat 20/05/2017 Pump Pump
Sun 21/05/2017 Fire 45 EZ Fire 45 EZ
Mon 22/05/2017 Fire 55 😦
Tue 23/05/2017 Pump Fire 30

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