Learning how to adult.

Learning how to adult is hard.  I’m at that age where everyone I know (including myself, to an extent) is incredibly politically opinionated.  Conversations get emotional and heated, and feelings get hurt.  I’m making it my goal to be more tolerant and open minded of others’ opinions, and to step away from arguments that have no good outcomes.

The problem is, what do you do when the person you’re in a discussion with is like a bloodhound, not willing to concede there’s a difference in opinions? I see this quality in myself, my partner, basically in most people I interact with.  And it’s not necessarily a bad quality – it shows engagement in society and an interest in making improvements.  But it sure is exhausting!

I’m finding myself reading facebook less and less frequently, as my far right and far left acquaintances continue to push their stance on friends and family on a daily basis.  This week we got a new PM in Australia, and I was subjected to a comment from a non-Australian saying “as long as it’s not a leftie”.  Like the actual policy decisions they support don’t count for anything, as long as they push the right agenda.

Seriously.  Exhausting.

I wouldn’t change it, but I really do miss being in my late teens, early twenties, and being oblivious to politics.  Obviously I was living in a lovely naive bubble, but it was a pretty nice bubble!


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