Father’s Day 2015

Father’s Days and Mother’s Days are always wrought with so much emotion.  The media and facebook posts would have us believe that we all experience it in the same way but that’s definitely not the case.  For some, it’s an outpouring of love, for other’s, it’s much more complicated than that.

So on these days. my heart goes out to people who have parents who have passed away, experienced mental illness, or suffered abuse or neglect.

The good thing is that it seems like traditional gender roles are changing, albeit slowly.

From an article in The Conversation:

Today’s fathers are far more eager to take on the job of fatherhood and are determined to be less distant and more hands-on than their own fathers.

The most emotional part of my book Fathers, Sons and Lovers was when I got men talking about what they wished their dad had done. One said sadly that it would have been great to get a hug from his dad.

The result? Today’s dads are determined to take up the role and do it better.


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