Mud Festival

Yesterday the CNU ISS group went to the Boryeong mud festival.  It was about 2 hours away by bus, and it was basically a massive festival by the beach.  There was a giant stage, with a huge outdoor dance party/crowd/thing, and a mud theme park with muddy rides.

The mud was a dark grey colour, and quite runny.  There were little stands full of it that you could just dip your hands in and then sort of scoop/fling at each other.  I don’t have any of the photos because I decided to keep my phone clean and safe, but it was a really fun day.

After we were completely coated in mud, we hopped into a swimming pool that had water fountains spraying everywhere, and had a bit of a water fight.  Afterwards, we swam in the beach, watched some random fighter jet plane show, watched a music show by some people from Peru, wandered around, ate ice cream and then came back to the university.

At night we went to a bar/club.  And what happens at the club, stays in the club…


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