Who needs a holiday when you can have a cold and back to back assessments

Sorry for the lack of detailed, interesting updates recently.  My cold has worsened, and this week has a ridiculous amount of assessments due, so I haven’t been doing so well.

Monday – Presentation in Industrial Sociology
Tuesday – Assessment comparing the US and Aus constitutions due in Public Pol
Thursday – Industrial Sociology exam, and assessment on an Australian public policy due in Public Pol
Friday – Public Pol exam, and a group presentation in Industrial Sociology
Today I’m meant to be going to visit the memorial site for the democratic uprising that took place in Gwangju, and it’s something I really wanted to learn more about, but instead I’m in my room, coughing up my lungs and studying.
I haven’t been to the gym in days because I can barely breathe let alone try to exercise.  And that’s really the only thing that guarantees my sanity here.
Just…over it.


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