There are only 11 days left! I know I’m going to miss these people like crazy when I leave, but I have a cold, and I’m missing home so much.

I’m looking forward to…

  1. Pete pete pete Missy pete pete pete, etc.
  2. My bed, shower and couch
  3. Friends and family and the crazy people at work
  4. Putting toilet paper in the toilet (ugh the bins here…so gross..)
  5. Cooking and eating real food.  Takeout every single day and night is crazy.  (Pete if you’re reading this, I’d really like steak when I get back with so much veggies.  All the veggies.  Actually, you eat the steaks, I’ll just eat a plate of veggies.)
  6. Being in a city that I know like the back of my hand – not having to rely on taxis, translating apps and hand gestures
  7. Speaking to people without my accent being called ‘cute’ 😛
  8. REAL MELBOURNE COFFEE esfih;rag;hirgh;kgrj
  9. A massage.  Got one booked in with Jackel for the first Saturday I’m back. 
  10. WEDDINGS! There are two awesome ones within 2 weeks of each other.  I hope to god I can still fit into that bridesmaids dress…
Also, if you guys can spare a moment, please click the heart on this picture.  There’s a competition at RMIT. 
This weekend I’ll be in Seoul with the group, minus my laptop so no blog posts for a few days.

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