2015 Universiade in Gwangju

Last Friday, I was extremely lucky enough to go to the opening ceremony of the 2015 Universiade games in Gwangju.  Universiade is basically like the Olympic Games but for university students. There are 170 countries being represented.

Tickets were expensive and impossible to get, however my buddy’s mother knew someone and managed to arrange it all for us.

The night was spectacular.  There were a lot of famous artists, including K-Pop bands, traditional Korean singers, a famous Opera singer, as well as celebrities from other fields such as actors and athletes.

The show represented both the traditional aspects of Korea and modernity.  There were large warrior tribes battling it out, as well as colourful music and dance with giant smart phones and Kia cars zipping around.

For myself, Candace and Martin, one of the highlights was seeing our respective countries coming out onto the field.  I haven’t had the time to watch games or follow the scores, but there’s something special about coming across your home country when you’re in a foreign place.

Tomorrow, as a group, all CNU ISS students will be attending the swimming finals.  If I can see some Australians compete, that would be great.  And if they could win some medals, that would be just perfect. 🙂


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