At the end of every day I think “this was the best day ever” only to say it again the next day.

Yesterday was great because we spent the whole day sightseeing and making new friends, so I didn’t think a full day of classes could beat that but it did.

Today I got to meet new people and learn about different cultures in Public Policy.  We talked about the policy differences between Australia, Korea, China, Philippines and the US.  I feel like it was 3 hours where we got to find out all the interesting things I want to know about everyone’s countries.

At lunch time, I met up with my group and our buddies for some spicy cold noodles.  It was my first time eating this dish and it was amazing! My new favourite dish!  In the middle of a strange new day it was wonderful to see these people who had become familiar to me so quickly.

In my second class, the professor was from Lithuania, a country I knew nothing about previously, but learnt a lot about today.  She told us about her country and shared Lithuanian chocolate (nom!).  Then we shared information about our own countries, so I got to hear about Euganda, Philippines, Korea and China in more detail.

In the evening, a large group of us had pork belly at Korean BBQ, plus blueberry soju for the first time (it tastes like a mix between bubble gum and delicious cough medicine).

Every day seems to be full of new experiences, surprising things to learn and awesome new people to meet.


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