First Sightseeing Trip with CNU

I’m very slowly settling into some semblance of routine, but the next week will definitely give a bit more structure (classes begin today).  One thing that’s becoming apparent is that I probably won’t be able to upload blog posts as often or maybe with as much detail, so if you’re following this, maybe check back once or twice a week.

My roommate and I have reached an unspoken agreement.  She uses my laptop late at night to skype her family in Poland.  And I wake up at about 5:45am to go to the gym.  So we’re both managing to drive each other crazy, but at least it’s fair.

Yesterday was our first proper sightseeing trip – these will take place every Wednesday and Saturday.  Except for this Saturday as the activity has been cancelled.  We’re all actually okay with that, as free time is precious here.

I have class in about an hour, so I’ll keep this brief (desperately need to go get coffee, it’s been 3 days since my last decent cup of coffee or tea)

We visited the following 3 locations, travelling by bus, and mainly spent time with our groups.

Songgwangsa Temple – one of the 3 major Buddhist temples in Gwangju.  During our visit, monks were in prayer and we were able to join them.  The sound of them chanting in a large, cool, dark hall was really beautiful.

Nagan City Fortress – this was my favourite spot for the day because we just wandered around, played some old traditional games, played some traditional instruments and got a good chance to bond.

First we had lunch

Then explored and played games

Suncheon Bay Garden – one of my team members had just arrived from the US during the night, and with only 2 hours sleep, she pretty much was on the verge of passing out from exhaustion.  So we took it easy, while everyone walked around the massive garden in the sweltering heat, we took a little bus/golf cart thing around.  Was amusing to see other teams’ indignant faces as we drove past.

Here’s Candace, disguising her exhaustion by looking relaxed.

In the evening a group of us went and had dinner nearby.  This was by far the best savoury dish I’ve eaten here.  It was an omelette, with cooked rice inside it, topped with spicy chicken and sitting in a plate of spicy sauce.  Sounds odd, looks odd, but it was crazy delicious.  I’ll find out the name and try to make it at home.

We finished the night off with some arcade games, and then I came back to study.  

Yes…study.  Before classes have even begun.  My American lecturer for Public Policy decided it was a good idea to have an assignment due on day 1.  And of course us international students didn’t know about it, nor do we have access to the uni portal the local students are using.  Luckily my Korean buddy is in the same class so she gave me the details.

I’m wondering if international students were exempt from doing this…but I can’t risk it as every mark counts towards passing the course.

That’s all from me today, time for some coffee and class!


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