First Day on Campus

I have survived my first day at Chonnam National University.  And I’ve survived it with very little internet connection, which is a miracle for me.   Internet is now sorted in my room though (thanks to some great advice from family, plus tech support from Pete).

There are approximately 120 international students here, from many many countries.  Plus 22 lecturers from multiple countries as well.  They’ve split us up into small groups, each with two Korean buddies.

Classes begin on Thursday, and today there was an introductory/welcome lecture, some bonding activities plus a tour of the campus.

Tomorrow is our first sight seeing activity

This morning I felt a little homesick and lack of internet was also frustrating, so I decided I needed to regain some control over my life.  I woke up at 5:45am and went to the uni gym.  Warm up on the treadmill, and about an hour of weights was followed by a quick shower and a wander around the nearby streets to hunt down coffee and breakfast.  Unfortunately not one single place is open to sell coffee at 7:30am – but I did find a bagel.  And I felt a little calmer and in control.

The campus itself is massive.  In total today I’ve walked 24,839 steps, 215 mins of activity, not including the hour at the gym.  Completely exhausted.  Managed to stay upright and have beer and chicken with some of the other girls.

Right now I should be out drinking with the others, but the thing with me is that I do what I want, not what I should.  And I want to watch Netflix with my lovely internet connection.


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