Night owls

Before I left for this trip, a friend who was born and raised in South Korea mentioned that in Seoul, tourists shouldn’t wake up early to sight see.  He said that this city is all about the nightlife.  I said “sure, okay…” and thought nope, not me, I’m a morning person.  Plus, I don’t really drink or go clubbing so that advice probably wouldn’t apply to me.  Boy was I wrong.

We’re now on a schedule of sleeping in till about 9, meandering downstairs for a coffee, sitting in the sunshine with my laptop to plan the day (or indoors if it’s a grey day), coming back upstairs to get ready and then heading out around 11-12pm.  We usually get back to the hotel in the early evening to rest, change and then head out again till 11pm.  And oddly enough… I really love it.

The last two days have played out exactly like that, and they’ve managed to be both really relaxing and also very busy.  The perfect combo.

On Thursday we went to Yong San mall to check out the esports stadium and it was a little disappointing.  It was a weekday, plus the MERS situation caused the entire mall (9 floors) to be semi-deserted so that didn’t help.  When we got to the 9th floor though it was really exciting because a League of Legends (LoL) tournament was about to begin so fans were rushing in, and when the doors opened partially, we caught a glimpse of a dark auditorium filled with a loud, cheering audience.

Tickets had gone on sale two days earlier, so we didn’t expect there to be any left, but to our surprise there were a few seats left for Saturday, and we found two seats side by side right near the front/middle.  Sorted.

Afterwards, we went to Namdaemun market.  Not really sure why we went…turns out I’m not a fan of markets.  In particular, I hate knock-offs.  There’s a few things that I don’t understand.

1. I don’t understand the appeal of bags that have ugly advertising all over them yet cost as much as a cheap car to purchase (e.g. LV stamped all over them).  There’s nothing classy about wearing that much advertising (see the movie Idiocracy if you don’t believe me).

2. When these bags are so unaffordable, I don’t understand why anyone would buy a cheap plastic version instead.

3.  I don’t know why anyone would walk up and down for hours haggling over the price of cheap plastic knock offs of handbags covered in mass advertising.

I must be missing something here.

On Friday we spent the day at Lotte World.  I had forgotten how much fun a day at a theme park was. The roller coaster we went on  (Atlantis) was insane.  Start to finish it was zipping around at 70km+ with heaps of steep dips.  I actually injured a leg muscle on the ride, and found out later that an employee had died on that ride in 2006.  Hmm…might not have gone on it if I’d known! Glad I did though, it was actually quite fun.

Dinner that night was pretty unhealthy, but we decided to eat like the locals and had spicy fried chicken and soju.  Delicious.  😀


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