Grey days are meant for…video games.

Quick post about today (Saturday).  Probably one of my favourite days so far.

It was raining heavily today, so we went to the nearby movie theatre and watched Jurassic World.

We then cancelled our plan to visit the War Memorial, and spent a few hours playing video games at the hotel instead.

Seeing as I’m going to have to say bye to best friend and husband for 30ish days…I was more than happy to spend some quality time with him.  It was kind of a test run to see how we’d be gaming/chatting over long distance.

In the late afternoon, we watched two League of Legends matches at the esports stadium in Yongsan Mall.

The ‘stadium’ itself was just a large hall, seating about 200 people.  On the stage was a giant screen to watch the game and 5 commentators.  3 who spoke Korean and 2 who were speaking English.  We were given some small pocket radios to tune into the English commentators.

So I haven’t played any LoL before, nor have I even seen a game, so I thought I’d get bored within 30 mins and be ready to leave.  But to my pleasant surprise it was extremely entertaining to watch – very similar to watching football or cricket…only better.  We watched 4 games, between four teams.  Results are below.

Samsung vs IM (Samsung won, 2 – nil)
Koo Tigers vs Anarchy (Koo won, 2 – nil)

Having the commentators describing the tactics, and the skills of each person and each team gave us a great understanding of what to expect and what was happening.  It was honestly better than watching any ‘real’ sports game I’ve ever seen.

The strategy started from the very beginning when the teams selected their line up, it was incredibly complex.

It differed from other sports in that the players looked about 15-20 years old, but they all had their fangirls there, cheering for them and taking a million photos when they could.

I have a newfound appreciation for esports, and plan on watching the finals of the LoL Champions Korea (LCK) so I can witness the drama and fangirl tears.


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