The effect of MERS on locals and tourism

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

There have been a few questions and a little concern from family regarding the MERS outbreak here in South Korea, so I just wanted to share this article.  A few key quotes:

While MERS initially spread rapidly in South Korea, the fatality rate so far is about 10%, which is much lower than th40% fatality rate of the Saudi outbreak.


The South Korean infections have resulted from very close personal contact with infected hospital patients. There has been no transmission through casual contact in community settings. 

It’s a real shame, but this MERS outbreak has significantly impacted tourism in Seoul.  Shopping centres, restaurants and tourist areas are quite empty.  I’ve heard that in some areas it can usually be quite chaotic, so to be honest, we’re appreciating the effects of it, but obviously it’s awful for everyone here.

Out and about, only about 1 in 10 of the locals are wearing masks, so there doesn’t seem to be any undue panic.

I’m being realistic, but I do actually want to a buy a mask.  A black one.  So I look like a ninja!


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