Sir Terry Pratchett

I read fantasy, adventure, murder mystery, thrillers, classics, chick lit, children’s books…pretty much anything that passes my way. But by far, my favourite author is Terry Pratchett. No one else compares. It’s philosophy in the guise of fantasy, with laugh out loud moments on almost every page. And tragically…ironically.. his incredible mind is failing. If you haven’t read one of his books, I highly recommend you do so you can fully appreciate the man while you can.

He writes about all facets of humanity, and when I’m feeling jaded or horrified with the world we live in, Discworld gives me perspective and hope. I first picked up one of his books when I was 15, and 15 years later I still turn to them as a form of self-therapy (they’re better than chocolate).

There are 45 books so far in the series, and they can be read in any order, over and over again until they fall apart. I have no doubt that I’ll still be reading them in 15, 30, 45+ years from now.


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