Lost pebble

I’ve been putting off posting on here recently because since uni finished two weeks ago, I’ve felt lost. I only have a few days free until I start my next subject (spring semester class), and I think I’ve built up such high expectations of this wonderful mini-break (think ‘summer of George’ if you’ve watched Seinfeld), that nothing feels adequate anymore.

So although I’ve played a few games, nothing has been entirely satisfying. Nothing has caught my interest enough to fully submerge myself. Instead, I’ve been playing a few hours of a few random games, spent too many hours re-reading one of my favourite fantasy series’, and watched lots of awful TV shows.

One bright spot, even though I can’t seem to focus on it for lengthy periods, I’m really enjoying the latest Tomb Raider game. I love this newest version of Lara Croft, she feels so real – she experiences anger, grief, determination. And she looks like someone you’d see in the street (rather than the top heavy Angelina Jolie version). Although I find some of the fight sequences a bit over the top, the game is so pretty I can overlook the minor problems. I strongly recommend this game to anyone looking for a pretty and fun adventure game.

In other news, tickets for PAX Australia (Penny Arcade Expo) went on sale yesterday, and I managed to get a 3 day ticket before they sold out. Even though the expo isn’t for another 12 months, I’m so excited! I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have PAX in Australia, let alone Melbourne.

For this next PAX, I’m toying with the idea of cosplay. I have the creativity of a pebble, but I’m hoping that 12 months notice is enough for me to learn everything there is about cosplay and create the best outfit evarrrr. I’m not asking for much. If this actually turns into a project, I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


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