Sharing the Love

I mentioned in my last post that my target audience is girls who either game or are open to the idea of gaming, and also guys who want to share this sort of thing with the girls in their lives.

So I’d like to share a story with you that really sums up the sort of interactions I’m hoping to instigate.

I have a friend at work (who hopefully won’t mind me sharing this) called AB.  He saw a status update of mine saying that gamers make the best husbands, and lamented to his wife “why don’t you feel the same way”.  Later when he told me about this conversation at work, I suggested he start with small steps – take her to a game store, let her pick anything at all and no matter what type of game or age group it’s targeted at, be supportive and play it together.
About a week or so later, to my surprise, he told me that that’s exactly what they did.  His wife picked out a Kinect for their XBox and some games, and since then they’ve been playing Kinect games together.  Though AB is disappointed the games aren’t as lazy as he’d like (I definitely prefer the lazy option too!) it’s now another thing they do together and a great entry into gaming.  Next step… Super Mario?

I really love this story for a few reasons.  First and foremost, I think this is what many girls need to motivate them to try out games.  Speaking for myself, I’m pretty competitive and hate feeling incompetent.  These two things combined often hold me back from trying a new game, but when I have the freedom to try something with no judgements and in a cooperative setting..I have regularly surprised myself.

Secondly, how awesome is AB?! I think in life we get so caught up with our own likes and dislikes, that we push these on others and then are surprised and sometimes disappointed when we realise others don’t like the same things.  Faced with this, it’s easy to stop sharing and stop trying.  And I think that’s what a lot of people do.  It’s not easy to try and see things you love from another person’s perspective, especially someone who seems disinterested.

I actually have a lot to learn from this story – I avoid a few types of games that my other half loves, and now promise to give one of them a go this weekend.



  1. That is a great story and input on your part. A happy accident.

    I have gone through a few gaming phases growing up. When I was just a kid, I could play just about anything for hours on end and not break a sweat. In my teens, I became a sweaty mess who no longer enjoyed games played just for points. I turned to the first RPGs and password/save games. Legend of Zelda became my first new friend of that era. And, TMNT 2: The Arcade Game my second which ruined a few controllers from overplay. As I neared the end of my teens, I no longer could stand any fast-paced games like Tetris or Missile Command (as levels became harder and harder) and started favoring anything slow and calculating. And, I’ve pretty much been the same since:P The most intense games I tolerate are Diner Dash and fighting games. I’ve tried picking up some old games, again, and done okay with them. But, I still prefer “slower thinking” games that aren’t too complex to enjoy in a short period of time.

    But, in general, video games are best enjoyed in the company of another person or two in the same room where you can laugh and slap each other.

    1. I couldn’t agree more – about sharing games. They can be such a social activity, even the ones intended as single player.
      I like going back to old games sometimes too, brings back great memories. What sort of fighting games do you play? Even games like diner dash are great – keeps the brain active 🙂

      1. I am all about games like Final Fight and the more advanced Street Fighter/Capcom VS games. I like those games where you can pick three characters and swap or combine them though I suck at pulling off complex combo attacks:P I like Final Fight type games because I can just “womp” on punks and find bonus items hidden in scenery. I can play the first one over and over a few times before I am bored with it…and then come back a few weeks/months later and beat it, again. Now, that’s an ideal game.

        Early in my fighting game days, I favored sharing Heavy Barrel (versus Contra) and Double Dragon games. Those were crazy team fun. Some of the fighting scenes would get so intense. Guys would be flying everywhere with bullets and grenades…my classmate and I would be hooting and hollering about who’s got the bigger/better gun and how much time we had left on the clock to get past some crazy machine.

        If I had the right partner, I’d still go back to Atari days and play the old combat fighter planes/tanks games. One of my old two-person favorites was Air-Sea Battle’s shooting gallery. Also an old volleyball game where the sun rose and set…that provided hours of replay with competitive classmates.

        Diner Dash gave me a challenge and enough diversion. But, once you ace every step to get those stars, I didn’t want to erase and start over:P I have the second one, the “to go”/overseas/outer space travel one.

      2. I haven’t played many fighting games myself, but you make them sound like a lot of fun 🙂 I missed out on Street Fighter growing up, but played Mortal Kombat and Tekken a fair bit. I think if I’d had someone to play them with, I would’ve enjoyed them a lot more. I actually played a REALLY silly one recently at a friend’s place, called Dive Kick. The controls (or lack thereof) seem silly, it doesn’t seem interesting…but somehow, in a social setting, it’s awesome fun.

      3. They’re still making Street Fighter games in different forms/formats.

        I only like the more modern Mortal Kombat games…particularly the 3D one with the blind swordsman who uses “force” powers and the guy who fires red cables into the ground before springing across the screen with spikes on his boots. I forget what system that’s for and what it’s specifically called. The first ones for the SEGA and Nintendo systems were no fun without the secret codes…and I didn’t like the gruesome endings. I started liking Tekken with #2 and Jun. But, I didn’t enjoy the series as much as Street Fighter, Capcom VS. and Soul Calibur. Bloody Roar doesn’t impress me much with its controls, but I like the transformation concepts.

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