Hello world!

I’ve been getting pretty frustrated recently because I’m finding that online, tech related things seem to be only targeted at men.

I’m not sexist – the problem is that I want those things too.  Things advertised for women are the stereotypical jewellery, perfume, knick knacks that, while sometimes useful, make for boring gifts for others, and boring things to browse for myself.

The straw that broke the camel’s back….I complained about this on Facebook and a friend responded along the lines… “are you talking about MYER, because I saw that and it pissed me off too”.  No, I wasn’t talking about one of our largest department stores, I hadn’t realised how widespread this sexism is! I hate the assumption that women aren’t interested in gadgets.  Why do guys get the cool stuff?

So the purpose of this blog is to write about things that I care about, specifically games and tech, and relate them to women.  This blog is for girls who like to game, girls who don’t really understand gaming but are interested, awesome guys who have female friends and partners who they want to share this stuff with.

The world of gaming and tech should not be restricted to men.Image



  1. Having done a study on women who work in games development, the marketing thing came up a lot in the literature search and games marketing specifically in my interviews. Even the very name of “Gameboy”, for example. Would be happy to share the journal articles I came across!

    1. Yes please that’d be great! I haven’t actually done research yet – but it’s been a nagging thought for awhile now. It’s only when I start to mention things like this to friends that I realise the marketing issue is more obvious than I thought and it’s bothering other people too. If your study is/becomes viewable online, I’d love to take a look at that too.

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